Libertarian Party of Multnomah County

Affiliated with the Libertarian party of Oregon.                National Libertarian Party

Multnomah County Issues


National Libertarina Party Issues


Crime and Violence


Family Budget

Foreign Policy

Freedom of Speech

Gun Laws



Internet Censorship

Poverty and Welfare


Social Security



Additional Federal Issues


Excessive intrusion into state matters

Fedeally set Speed limits

Intrustion into Education

Over Regulation

Picking Winners



Prosperity and liberty through

free markets, free choice and personal responsibility

General Issues


Personal Freedom

Free Speech

Property Rights


Free Markets

Drug War

Smoker’s rights

Helmet Laws

School Choice

Over regulation

Government restricting competition


Portland/Multnomah County


City driving out jobs

Tax abatements for political class

Subsidies for Developers

Urban renewal stealing money from basic services

Excessive government fees

Light Rail Cost

CRC Bridge

Global Warming

Subsidies for upper income people & corporations

Hidden taxes



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 Page updated 8/15/11